Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Warning about Your Medical Doctor!

By Graeme Teague Surely this is about health or being healthy? Now that I have got your attention... Dont see your doctor. Never, never and never. Why? To see them you must be sick or unwell. So dont get sick, stay healthy and then you dont need to see them. After all you know your health is important, and you want to be healthy. Good advice or what? Or what! You need to see your doctor. I can tell even from my typewriter that you need to see your doctor. Not because you are not healthy, not because you may be in pain. You need to see your doctor, to find out what your body is doing. How can he or she know this? They cant! Not unless you see them on a regular basis. How often? Every one to two years, when you are healthy. Dont wait until you are unwell. If you are unwell then you need to see them now, or a Natural Health Doctor to become well. Once well, then you need to see your medical doctor every year or two. Why? To form a track record of your health Do you know what your body is doing? Probably not. By having your blood pressure, blood analysis, urine etc checked, you are can see where they are set for you. Then next year the same and the following years to come. Why? If they change, you can see it. Most of the checks on your health are averages the average person fits between here and here. You fit there so you must be okay. What if your blood pressure is 135/80, is that normal or healthy? Yes for the average person. If you were 124/72 and now have gone to 135/80, then you are not average. Your blood pressure has jumped 10%. This is not good and your health may be suffering. So forming a track record you can see all the measures of health and see if they stay the same. Ideally they should show being better as you look after yourself better. But a track record forms and if there are changes you are able to detect them and deal with them earlier. Go and see your medical doctor. Not soon but now. Form that track record, see if you are healthy, form a good relationship with your doctor. See them when you are well to make sure you are well. See other natural practitioners also. Become healthy, look after yourself, learn ways to become healthy and then healthier next year. Then you can see the changes in your health pictures you take each year. Health is not the absence of symptoms; it is the absence of disease. You need to become healthy, not merely pain or symptom free. Learn ways to improve your health and then monitor it by seeing your medical doctor for that important health check. Yes Beware of your Medical Doctor they deal with disease. Only because you make it that way. Make their life better and happier by seeing them when you are well. Then stay that way and allow them to show you are staying healthy through your health check. Health is the only thing you have, that when it is gone, you really, really miss it so does your family and friends. Remember, it is better to see your health doctor when you are healthy ... not when you are not healthy. This is a warning about 'disease' doctors not 'health' doctors. Dr Graeme Teague is an expert on stress and the affects it has on health. His unique and fresh views on anxiety, depression and stress are a welcome change. His web site Fast Stress is designed to give you all the information and facts on how and why stress affects you, and more importantly simple, proven and natural ways to eliminate anxiety, depression and stress. To learn more about anxiety and how you can eliminate it - click here ... Anxiety. To learn more how you can eliminate depression - click here ... Depression. Or you can visit his site, and find more information on various stress problems and how you can overcome them ... Home Page! Do you want to eliminate Anxiety, Depression and Stress ... using simple, proven, natural and ancient methods - click here ... X--Stress. Article Source:!&id=386847 phentermine diet pills for sale
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