Saturday, March 29, 2008

The New Mind-Body Paradigm

By Richard Helfant Wherever a thought goes, a chemical goes with it. Deepak Chopra Life-threatening illness is more than a crisis of the body; it is a crisis of the soul. During thirty-five years as a hospital-based cardiologist, I have seen innumerable ways in which patients react when faced with a medical catastrophe. Initially, most are overwhelmed, and feel as though they have been attacked by an alien forceas if body, mind, and spirit are under siege. Many patients become paralyzed by fear. All resistance crumbles, replaced by passivity and resignation. Some go into denial, unwilling or unable to confront the enormity of what is happening. Yet others meet the crisis by challenging it head on, and in the process, discover within themselves the resources to confront and overcome the gravest of circumstances. At times, these patients triumph, not because of the medical care they receive, but in spite of it. There exists in all of us, a life force: the foundation of organic existence. In some, this drive is powerful and passionate. In others, there is ambivalence about continuing the burdensome business of living. When disease strikes, many are all too ready and even willing to have their lives end. But passivity or resignation are not immutable reactions to a life-threatening illness. My patients have taught me that the will to live can be awakened at any moment during its course. Medical science has largely been blind to the power of a patients mind in determining the outcome of an illness. Doctors are taught to view patients as the sum of their bodily parts, and to treat diseases by relying almost exclusively on the marvels of medical technology. Their unspoken communication to patients is unmistakable: We will mobilize our array of procedures and wonder drugs to save you. If they dont work, you are beyond help. Having spent much of my career as an academic physician directing medical research programs, I have participated in the development of technological advances that have led to this new patient-care paradigm. While todays medical arsenal is invaluable in the combat against life-threatening illnesses, it has brought about a major side effect: far-reaching changes in the time-honored patient-doctor relationship. That bond, once an invaluable component of the healing process, has become undermined. On teaching rounds, I have always felt it important to point out the ways in which doctors unwittingly discourage patients from mobilizing their inner resources to overcome an illness by implying that these elements play no part in the outcome. I emphasize how powerful these resources can be. Experience has taught me that they are comparable to any avant-garde pill or procedure. This was dramatically demonstrated to me many years ago by a patient named Vivian, who was suffering from progressive heart failure. The cumulative cardiac damage caused by several previous heart attacks had forced me to admit Vivian to the hospital three times in four months. Her heart had weakened to the point where it no longer responded to maximum doses of intravenous diuretics and other powerful medications. Edema fluid had accumulated in both her lungs and legs. In the previous twenty-four hours, Vivians kidneys had begun to shut down, making it impossible to treat the massive watery accumulations in her body. Her liver and other organ systems were also becoming affected. All therapeutic options had been exhausted. Vivians chances for survival were close to zero. After suffering for ten days in the Intensive Care Unit, Vivian had had enough. Look, Doctor, she said, I am seventy-two years old. My husband has been dead for fifteen years, and my daughter hasnt spoken to me since the day he died. Im in constant pain, and I have nothing to live for. Please let me go. Despite their estrangement, Vivian had listed her daughter Janet as the person to be notified in the event of her death. When I asked whether Janet knew how sick she had been, Vivian shook her head. My daughter doesnt know, and Im sure she doesnt care. If you wouldnt mind, Id like to call her. I dont see the point. What good would it do?
"It might not do any good, but I think your daughter should know whats going on with her mother. Frankly, I think its a waste of time. Two nights later, Janet came to the Unit accompanied by her ten-year-old son, whom Vivian had never met. The following morning, a different woman greeted me in the Unit. Vivian looked at me, eyes glowing, and said, My daughter is getting married in three weeks. She wants me to walk down the aisle with her. Tears welled up in Vivians eyes, as she took my hand and whispered, I want to be there, Doctor. Within days, Vivians kidneys began to open up. The same dose of intravenous medication that had been ineffective now caused a substantial decrease in Vivians edema fluid. After a week, her lungs were clear. By the end of week two, we were able to switch from intravenous to oral medications, and move Vivian out of the ICU. Three days before discharge, Vivian began gingerly hobbling down the hospital corridor with the aid of a walker, the same one she used to walk down the aisle alongside Janet at her wedding. Vivian not only attended her daughters wedding, she also lived to attend her grandsons bar mitzvah three years later. Every doctor has seen patients with a life-threatening illness make a miraculous recovery after they were thought to be beyond hope. But because medical science is unable to explain these extraordinary occurrences, their importance is often ignored. Medicine is so enamored of the apparent infallibility of science that it has become blind to other possibilities. But remarkable recoveries like Vivians are possible for all of us. As Emily Dickinson wrote: We never know how tall we can be until we are called on to rise. Richard Helfant, MD, a Harvard-trained cardiologist, pioneered the development of cardiac electrophysiology and nuclear cardiology. Courageous Confrontations, Dr. Helfant's latest work, is about how to use the mind-body relationship to combat disease. Article Source: online prescription for ambien
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Interest Only Loans

By []Eric Morris Interest only loans are loans that give you an option to pay just the interest on the loan for a limited period of time. It also gives the option of paying the interest plus as much of the principal you want. The main advantage of this loan is the lower interest you pay each month. They also help to considerably control the monthly payment and cash flow each month. After the initial period, the repayments are raised to fully amortized levels. These loans also allow for a large principal prepayment if desired. Interest only loans can be fixed-rate mortgages or adjustable-rate mortgages. Interest only loans of longer terms, say 30 years, are especially useful since the extra money that goes as repayment of the principal can be invested elsewhere for a higher rate of interest. Or, it can be used to repay higher interest debts like credit cards. They are also a good idea for people who have taken interest only loans on houses they dont plan on staying in for more than 10 years. This would enable them to pay just the interest as long as they are in the house and then repay the loan when they are moving out. The extra money can be used for meeting unexpected expenses or to finance home improvements. They are a good option for people who are expecting an increase in their income; people whose income is based on bonuses and commissions, and people who invest their savings on interest-only loans. Interest rates on interest only loans range from 5.875% for a 30-year VA fixed, 5.500% for a FHA 1 year ARM, 5.750% for a FHA 30-year fixed, 7.125% for a 5/1 ARM, 6.875% for a 7-year Balloon and 6.625% for a 30-year fixed. This is all susceptible to change. However, interest only loans can be risky, since the interest rate may increase after the initial period; the house may lose its value; there may be change in the future income flow, or you may not be able to pay the mortgage for any reason. With increasing real estate prices, interest-only loans are becoming a preferred option for many. There are also many lending companies that are giving attractive options on these loans. Information about interest-only loans is available on the Internet. They also contain easy-to-use interest only calculators that outline the kind of repayments you will have to make on the loan. []Interest Only Loans provides detailed information about interest only loans, interest only loan rate, interest only loan calculators, pro and cons of interest only loan and more. Interest Only Loans is the sister site of []Mortgage Amortization Schedule. Article Source: buy ambien online cheap
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Green Tea, Weight Loss & Enviga

By Mike Linder By releasing the new Green Tea based product Enviga, my opinion is that Coca Cola and Nestle are liable to more harm than good in the cause of promoting Green Tea. They appear to be telling us all that by drinking a couple of cans a day (at $1.30 -$1.50 a time) we will benefit from Green Teas weight loss properties and the outcome will be slimmer, healthier person on the other side. The makers claim their drink has negative calories and this counterbalances the other calories you put in your body with your natural food intake. Well, the Centre for Science in the Public Interest is reported to have filed a false advertising suit against the two companies saying their claims are wrong. Am I personally surprised? NO! None of these companies realise that Green Tea is not now, and never has been, a quick fix for any of lifes ailments. Drinking Green Tea is a way of life. Its properties are indisputable. Its regeneration powers have been proven over thousands of years and if you drink regularly and over a consistently long period then many things which ail you will at least be helped or maybe prevented all together. Already newspapers, in the hunt for headlines, are coming out against Green tea. I recently read on headline which said Want to lose weight? Green Tea wont do it This headline was meant as a specific strike against the product Enviga but all people will remember in a couple of months is the bad publicity and they will associate it with all Green Tea products. The hijacking of Green Tea by major corporations as a quick fix was predictable considering the amount of good publicity Green Tea has had in the last few years, but my sincere hope is that in the chase for their profits they do not soil the good name of Green Tea, so that many future potential users do not come on board and start drinking this wonderful brew. It will be down to current users of Green Tea to keep using and promoting the benefits of Green Tea by word of mouth and keep the forward momentum of the use of Green Tea going strong. Mike Linder is the author of The Complete Guide to Green Tea which can be found @ and also edits a Blog about Green Tea which can be found at Article Source:,-Weight-Loss-and-Enviga&id=501720 ativan versus xanax
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tips For How To Loose Weight

By Vidula Chopra In your endeavour to lose weight, make choices that you can stick to in the long term. Here are some tips. Walk How much do you walk on a daily basis? A good way to measure this would be to invest in a step counter, that keeps a count of how many steps you take in a day. If you are looking to lose weight but haven't been able to, chances are, you are inconsistent with your weight loss programme. Perhaps you aim for too much too soon. Or perhaps you try and diet, but give up before long. Instead, if you find you cannot exercise regularly either because of lack of time or motivation, try and make it a point to get in more steps in a day. If you take around 5000 steps on an average day, to see some benefits to your health, try and double this count, to at least ten or eleven thousand a day. This should be easily achievable if you just try and walk a little extra a day, every chance you get. Do you have a dog? Instead of sending your children or help to walk the dog everyday, try and take him out yourself, at least once a day. Not only can walking your pet be very relaxing, depending of course on the kind of pet and breed you have, but it also adds to the number of steps you take in a day. Instead of having someone place a bottle of water and a glass at your workstation, every hour or couple of hours, get up and walk to the pantry, to get yourself a water refill. This stretches your legs a bit and gets your blood circulating, and although it may seem like almost no exercise, making a habit of this over an extended period of time adds to your walking time. This is so easy that it would be a shame for you NOT to do it! Sugar If you are overweight, try and reduce the number of calories you take in everyday by a small amount. Take one and a half spoons of sugar in your cup of tea instead of two. Over a period of time you can then further reduce this to one spoon. Milk Switch to skim or 1% milk. Milk is something you have everyday, and even if you have just one cup of tea and so don't bother about the fat in your milk, it all adds up over a period of time. In addition, if you are concerned about cutting your cholesterol intake, drink low fat milk. Butter If you eat toast everyday, stop buttering it, or put less butter than you normally do. Dip the toast in your tea to help you get it down, or make a tasty sandwich with egg whites, or onions, tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes etc so you don't feel the lack of butter. Leave fat consumption for when you really want to indulge! So when you dig into a chocolate cake, you will only be replacing the fat you avoided by skipping butter, instead of adding to it. Lemon 35 year old Mira drinks a small cup of hot water with lemon juice (hot nimbu pani) without sugar, every single day after dinner. She swears it has helped her lose weight. Citrus fruits are a natural diuretic and prevent water retention. Mixing it with hot water helps her drink it easily, as she doesn't add sweetener. More tips on beauty and grooming. Author is expert in health and beauty related issues. Article Source: ambien dosages
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Are Fruits Making You FAT?

By Dr Jeff Banas I want to make this perfectly clear, fruits are healthy and they are good for you. They are loaded with vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Fruits have also been shown to fight against cancer. However, when we are talking about weight loss we need to take a closer look at fruits. It is pretty obvious to everyone that when you want to lose weight you watch your sugar intact, right? Well, there is a reason why fruits are called, natures candy. Fruits are loaded with sugar, fructose to be exact. This why athletes use them during endurance for energy, and why people suffering from hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, use them to raise there blood sugar when needed. That is where one of the problems is. Fruits are carbohydrates. Never eat a carbohydrate by itself. This is basically all sugar. When you eat a carbohydrate by itself there is a sudden increase in sugar in the body. This causes the body to release insulin. However, the body releases too much insulin because it thinks more sugar is coming. The insulin basically grabs the sugar/carbohydrate and stores it to fat for use at some other time. Since your body released too much insulin there is not enough sugar to support the brain function. That is why you feel tired or sluggish. So youre fatter and dumber. So, if you are going to eat a carbohydrate, eat some protein with it, it will slow the release of the sugar. You need realize that a glass of orange juice is just about the same as a glass of soda. Dr. Jeffrey Banas is a Chiropractic Sports Physician, practicing in Mesa; AZ. Dr. Banas personally lost 60 pounds in 2003 and now uses his experience to help others struggling with their weight problems. Dr. Banas can be reached at his office at 480-633-6837, or by visiting his web site at Article Source: effects ambien
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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Living With a New Relationship Partner

By Joshua Uebergang Sooner or later in our lives we all want to have an intimate relationship with our partner and begin to live together. There is a lot of talk on the legal side of things as well as relationship problems. Before you decide to move in with your new relationship partner or have them move in with you, firstly you must analyze moral values, habits, and financial issues. One of the biggest primers in not living with a relationship partner is moral values. Mostly common for those with religion beliefs, these people believe living together gives temptations that will break those beliefs. The best cure is usually prevention and so these people prevent the temptation by having moral values and not diverting from them. If you are uncertain of how to address this issue in your relationship, instead of directly talking to your new partner about their moral values, ask about their religion beliefs and their beliefs on people living together before marriage. Talking to your partner about this primary issue is a must to successfully live together in a happy relationship. The funniest thing for outsiders and the most frustrating aspect about living together with someone whom you have a new relationship with is seeing annoying habits in your partner you hadn't seen before. If you are a guy and you are use to seeing your girlfriend dressed beautifully for a Friday night out on the town or a relaxing dinner, you have been conditioned to see her in this nice spotlight. The times you see your girlfriend will probably be when she is "at her best". What you often don't see is her sick, in a crabby mood, or snoring louder then a pig snorting. Realize that the two of you will see qualities and behaviors in your partner that you have never seen. It's also important to sort out financial issues. Determine how the expenses are paid for and the income distributed beforehand. Who pays for household objects? How will you keep track? Think like a legal will. How will the assets be distributed should you split up? Don't think the two of you will not break up. When going into business partnership, it is dangerously common mistake to not seek out these issues with your business partner. I've heard lots of business stories where partners whom are actually best friends, have one business partner leave the partnership and legal battles result as they did not address these possible issues because "they would never split up". Make a personal risk management plan where you prepare for "what if" problems that could result in future stress and financial problems. Living with a new relationship partner doesn't have to be torture or unsuccessful. Understanding the important issues listed in this article before making that big decision to move in together will prevent you from wrongly moving in together causing a break up or being unhappy with living together. Relationships aren't meant to be miserable so do not make them by making a wrong choice in living together! You can get more free interpersonal relationship advice at the author Joshua Uebergang's site. You can also get more help on breaking up with your partner. Article Source: ambien prescription
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Friday, March 7, 2008

Low Medical Costs - Why People Are Looking At India and Saving Up To 90 Percent

By [] Sacha Tarkovsky India offers you the opportunity to receive world class healthcare and low medical costs in comparison with those in the US and Europe, get a free holiday into the bargin and still have money left over! Sounds good? Then read on If you want major heart surgery or to get the look of your dreams via cosmetic surgery, or a smile to get you noticed, then India can provide low medical costs and worldclass treatments The growth of medical tourism This form of treatment where patients seek care outside of their country of residence is reffered to as medical tourism and is now a multi billion pound industry and growing fast. Lower medical costs by up to 90%! Medical tourism is defined as provision of 'cost effective' private medical care in collaboration with the tourism industry for patients needing treatments, where lower medical costs made on treatments fund the cost of a relaxing vacation and in many instances still leave money left over! Medical tourism has become a growth industry and covers a broad spectrum of medical services. It mixes leisure, fun and relaxation and recuperation with wellness and healthcare. All healthcare India covers all medical treatments at lower cost. Many tourists from the developed world go to India for rejuvenation via yoga and other alternative health treatments, but few people consider it a destination for hip replacement, cosmetic or heart bypass surgery. World class treatment, lower medical costs and the holiday of a lifetime A combination of world-class medical centres unrivalled expertise at low prices is helping a growing number of Indian corporate hospitals tempt foreign patients 500,000 alone in 2005 and this number is growing rapidly! India is now seen as the major destination for medical tourists seeking lower medical costs and provides an unbeatable combination of world class facilites, world renowned medical expertise and a beautiful country to explore. Sample lower medical costs Check out the savings below and you can see why more people than ever are taking advantage of lower medical costs in India. Treatment US Cost Treatment India Heart Surgery $30,000 $6,000 Liver Transplant $300,000 $69,000 Orthopedic Surgery $20,000 $6,000 Smile designing $8,000 $1,000 Now the good bit! Medical tourism offers huge savings and these can provide a holiday for free. If you have never considered cosmetic surgery in association with seeing elephants and the Taj Mahal then you can now! India offers something for everyone and is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries on earth. Think about the above: You get the treatment you need, take advantage of world class facilities and get a holiday free and maybe have some cash left over. If it sounds good it is! Medical tourism is here to stay and India is now the worlds major medical tourism destination for lower medical costs and a whole lot more! For more on lower medical costs Including free brochure articles and no ocst or obligation quotes on medical tourism packages please conact us: [] Article Source: [ ] [ ] ambien sleeping pill effects
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Product Review: Natural Shea Body Bar

By Kara Kelso The Shea Body Bar from The Natural Newborn arrived packaged tightly in a draw string bag, and my first thought was how great it smelled. I chose "Frozen Margarita", but there are other choices on the website. Ingredients and reordering information were on the side of the package, making it easy for me to order this fantastic soap again. I was amazed how great this soap really was! Not only is it natural, but it lathers well and leaves skin extremely soft. There's no "film" left on your skin like other natural soaps leave. It also is a natural white, leaving out unnatural dyes or color additives. The Natural Newborn specializes in natural baby products. However, they have an excellent line of products for toddlers and moms as well. The Shea Body Bar I had the pleasure of trying out is currently listed under "Handcrafted Soaps". On their website you'll also find "Mommy's Mini Spa", which has products such as facial care, body care, and other products just for mom. Under "Toddler Tub" you'll see items such as hand soaps, skin & body care, bug repellents, and other items for toddlers or older children. For details on all the wonderful items The Natural Newborn offers, visit About the Author: Kara Kelso is the owner of Mom's Market, a family friendly shopping directory featuring product reviews. For more reviews, please visit: Article Source: 10 ambien
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Starting Your Own Garden - Easier Than You Think!

By Peter Cullen So, you have decided to grow a garden. Congratulations! A garden, whether it is a flower garden or a vegetable garden, has many benefits and it is so easy to do! If you have decided to grow fruits or vegetables with your garden, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much better the food tastes when you grow it yourself. Not only can you enjoy vine-ripened
goodies that have the added flavor only nature can provide, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you grew your fruit and veggies on your own. And, dont forget, it is convenient and
pleasurable to have a variety of tasty treats growing in your own backyard. A flower garden provides you with a magnificent retreat where you can relax after a stressful day. Similarly, it adds beauty and value to your home when done right. Not only that, you can actually take
care of problematic areas in your yard with a little creativity and a few flowers, shrubs, and trees. Whether you are planting a flower garden or a vegetable garden, you will discover that one of the great satisfactions of gardening is just getting out there and getting your hands dirty. Gardening is a great activity for reducing anxiety and reducing stress as you feel yourself getting closer to nature. Yet, you might be asking yourself: How do I start a garden? What do I need to have in order to grow a garden? Are there any tricks of the trade I should know? Is it costly? How do I maintain my garden
once I get it started? Will it take all of my time? The first thing you will need to consider when planning a garden is the location. If you will be planting a vegetable garden, you will likely need to choose a location that receives a great deal of sunlight. This
is because most vegetables require eight hours or more of sunlight in order to grow properly and to form strong roots and stems. Since you will need a great deal of sunlight for your vegetable garden, you should never plant it next to large trees that will cast shadows throughout the day. Similarly, it is generally best to avoid planting a vegetable garden right next to a building or a home. The shadow cast by the home can prevent adequate sunlight from reaching your garden. If you arent sure about a specific area, take a day to monitor the position of the sun and the shade it produces in the area you are considering for your garden. You dont need to stand out there all day! Rather, check on the area once per hour in order to get an idea of how much sunlight the area receives. With a few more facts and tricks, you can have your own beautiful flower or vegetable garden. It's easier than you might think! Pete Cullen runs This article is excerpted from his "Gardener's Handbook". Get more information at Article Source:!&id=309719 ambien pharmacy
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