Sunday, February 10, 2008

Long Range Cordless Phones

By []Peter Emerson Phones have become a center point of communication for business and homes. They are most convenient and efficient modes of two-way communication. Their importance has been recognized by all groups of businesses as an economical mode of communication. Sales and marketing industry has specifically realized the importance of telephone as a means of communication to rope in new business. It allows companies to connect with prospective clients all over the world in a direct manner. Phones have evolved a long way from being a large and stationary piece of equipment to a sleek and handy gadget. They are lightweight and multi functional instruments, which can be easily purchased from a local store. Cordless phones are one of the latest additions to the already existing range of phones. They function on the principle of radio waves. Base/handset communication is via radio waves that are used to transmit and receive information. Efficiency, sound quality and range of cordless phones are dependent on their frequency range. Frequencies are better defined as strength of the signal transmitted and it directly affects the range in which they work. Initially cordless phones worked within a frequency of 47 Mhz. These phones operated in the range of 30 feet, beyond which sound was unclear and distorted. Subsequently, cordless phones working up to a range of 900 Mhz were manufactured. Frequencies of these phones were strong and hence functioned flawlessly upto a range of around 100 to 150 feet. Long range cordless phones are able to function effectively in very large areas. Their use is primarily in remote areas where phone service is unavailable. They work on high frequency radio waves and crystal clear sound is guaranteed for a radius of 60 to 70 miles from the base unit. Use of long distance cordless phones virtually eliminates the need of a cellular phone and saves users from airtime charges and additional service fees. While purchasing a long distance cordless phone it is advisable to scrutinize the various functions available with it. []Cordless Phones provides detailed information on Cordless Phones, Cordless Phone Batteries, Cordless Digital Phones, Cordless Phone Reviews and more. Cordless Phones is affiliated with []Cordless Phone Headsets. Article Source: phentermine no prescription required
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