Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Echo Chainsaws Continue To Get The Job Done!

By Dean Caporella If there is one description that can be applied to Echo chainsaws it's simply they are a no fuss power tool which gets the job done. While Stihl And Husqvarna claim a major portion of the chainsaw spotlight around the world, Echo has been steadily making ground on the leading two. It's now firmly placed as one of the leaders in Chainsaw technology having built up an impressive reputation during the past three decades. In fact, if appreciation awards were being handed out by chainsaw users, then Echo, which has been described as the most appreciated chainsaw among professional woodcutters, would just about clean up! Chainsaws have made a remarkable transformation during the past two decades going from big cumbersome units to much smaller machines, yet just as effective and powerful. Echo has been a major player in the technology stakes and has recognised the trend which has seen more home users enter the market. Giving Chainsaws Users What They Want Echo hasn't been too concerned with wowing the market with bright lights and whistles. Chainsaws are a power tool both effective and yet dangerous and are basically the grunt workers among the world's power tools. Echo has recognized users basically want machines which are no fuss and get the job done. Technology and power packed into the one machine and a chainsaw designed to do what it was meant to do... cut! Echo's list of models starts off with the smaller CS-306 and continues all the way up to the powerful CS-8000. It has an impressive list of midfielders among it's range including the CS-341, the CS-360T and CS-370. The outstanding feature with all of these machines is there power and ability to get through tough, uncompromising jobs. The CS-340 Echo's CS-340 has created a big impression among chainsaw users and industry experts. It's lightweight design doesn't hide it's tremendous power output. Woodcutters are mainly impressed with it's handling which from a safety aspect, has scored plenty of points. A cumbersome chainsaw after prolonged use becomes a dangerous instrument as tiredness sets in but the CS-340 seems to offer excellent maneuvering ability. The CS-370 also has a long list of admirers. Packing plenty of features such as 36.3cc power vortex engine, the 370 is a value buyer's dream. It's certainly hard to top in it's class for price and features. Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. The professional woodcutters appreciation award goes to Echo chainsaws. Find out why in this report. Plus, read the latest chainsaw news and reviews at: Article Source:!&id=458084 phentermine without doctors prescription
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