Monday, June 16, 2008

Take a Kid Fishing

By Daniel Wilson Take a kid fishing and they will learn to be successful in life.
As an avid fisherman for over 30 years I have to look back on my life and consider it a success. I credit that success to my passion for fishing. Why? You ask. Well, I am the youngest of three boys of a single mother. My oldest brother was six years older than I was and loved the outdoors. On occasion he would take me with him and his friends to go fishing. We really had a great time. We caught a few fish, but most of the time we just wound up in a rock skipping contest or swimming. When I was ten, my brother joined the Navy right out high school. His best friend Joe and I had become pretty good friends. Joe would still come by and pick me up every couple of weeks to go fishing with him. I still remember the first time he took me fishing some thirty years later. Joe liked to fish for catfish, but on my first trip with him I picked up a small white plastic grub worm and asked him to tie it on for me. He said You wont catch anything with that and began to dig around in his tackle box for his secret lure. I protested until he gave in and showed me the proper way to attach it to my line. Joe returned to his tackle box as I headed to the shoreline to present my offering to my prey. On my first cast, I caught the first fish of the day, moments later I had another. Before Joe could even get his line wet I had three fish to my credit, and my own secret bait. I believe to this day if I went back to that spot and cast out a white grub, I would catch a fish. That is when I really fell in love with fishing. The reason I believe my love for fishing helped mold me into a loved husband and an idolized father is all of lifes lessons I learned from it. Patience for one, what I mean is if you cast your bait out then just reel it back in. You wont catch many fish. The lesson in that is to cast in the right spot the first time, and then wait for the desired response. To translate this I mean you cant just go from job to job or marriage to marriage and expect to be successful at it. By taking a kid fishing you also teach them respect for the space of others. For example: If you cast your line over the line of another fisherman you both become tangled, greatly decreasing the success for both of you to catch any fish. To top it off they may become angry, especially if you continue to do it. Translation: Teaching a kid to fish teaches them to co-exist with others by respecting their space. These are only a few of lifes lessons that can be learned from fishing. You may know a kid that would benefit for a lifetime from the lessons in fishing, even if you just wind up skipping rocks. If you dont have any kids or are considering having a kid, I would recommend Big Brothers/Big Sisters. They match you with disadvantaged kids in your area, all you do is hang out with them every couple of weeks and teach them lifes lessons. I was involved with them as a boy and still hang out with my big brother from time to time. The Fishing Vacation Guide- All the very best fishing vacation destinations, fishing tips, fish recipes, and so much more! Article Source: payday loans
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Your Guide to Making Gift Baskets

By Morgan Hamilton If you are wondering what present to give for any occasion, you should consider a gift basket. However, there is a certain drawback. Ready made gift baskets are very expensive. Of course, you can still get one for less money because you can make gift baskets yourself. Not only will you be able to cut the costs but you will also get the opportunity the show your creativity. If this is the first time you will be making a gift basket yourself, it is good to remember that you don't have to use an actual basket. Just walk around your home and find many other things that may be used. You can take buckets, pottery bowels, plastic containers, garden watering cans and so on. Everything which is similar to a large container would work. Of course, if anything else fails, just wrap the gifts with cellophane and put a ribbon. Who says that gift baskets should be complex? I just came up with a wonderful idea which is related to music themes. In case you are making a gift basket for someone who is fond of music, it is thoughtful of you to gather some stationary which has music notes and symbols and make a gift basket with them. You could even go to a music store and get some music paper for composition. When making this music basket you can consider buying anything from CDs, tapes, music books and even magnets and set out with a musical theme. You can be absolutely sure that any music lover would highly appreciate your efforts. Another brilliant idea similar to that already mentioned involves a movie/popcorn theme. If you use different types of popcorn you can make a very interesting gift basket without spending lots of money on it. Don't forget to add in some good movies into the mix when making a basket focused on entertainment. For example, in case you have bought a few chick flicks it is a bright idea to add in a package of tissues. When making entertainment baskets you can use a big bowl for the actual basket. If you are making a gift basket for someone who is a full-time angler you can focus on a fishing theme. You should go to your local fishing store and purchase some hooks, rods, lures and baits. They all will make great full-ins for your amazing gift basket. Including a fishing magazine is also a nice idea. When you are going to need a very special gift basket for a big coffee drinker you have several options. You can make your friend smile by putting some coffee cups and a few chocolates in the basket. If you want to make a big surprise for that coffee drinker, then you should go to the store and take a few different creamers, special coffees and tasty cookies. Put them all in the basket and you will have the complete package. No matter whether the basket theme is fishing, entertainment or coffee, making gift baskets will add a personal touch to any event you are invited to. Morgan Hamilton offers expert advice and great tips regarding all aspects concerning gifts. Get the information you are seeking now by visiting Gift Baskets Article Source: unsecured business loan or grant
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Collagen: Treatment For a Young Looking and Plump Skin

By James Monahan Collagen is such an important part of our skin. Collagen is a Greek word that means glue producing and another term for it is connective tissue. Collagen acts as scaffolding for our body. It helps control shapes and differentiation of cells. Collagen also helps regenerate broken bones and heals wounds. Vitamin C helps produce this important tissue in our skin. Seventy-five percent of our skin is collagen. However, as we age, our face looses this as an effect of gravity, sun exposure and many years of facial movements such as smiling, chewing and squinting. Vitamin C in whatever amount may not be sufficient to replace the lost elasticity of the skin. Facial movements cause's tissues under the skin to breakdown, it thus lost its elasticity, and collagen tissue breakdown means wrinkling. And because the skin breakdown happens in your face, laugh lines, smile lines, crow's feet and facial creases appear and this strips you of your youthful looking and plump skin. Your age will now show in your face, which is of course, what most women dread. I may need to mention as well that wrinkling does not happen to older people only; it may happen to any one at any age. Even for those young girls who are successful in loosing weight may see fine lines in their face due to sunken cheeks. This is especially so for those who lost so much weight so easily. However, do not despair, modern science have a cure for this, filler injectables using collagen or fat. This filler injectables help to improve your facial appearance by filling the facial wrinkles, creases and furrows. Collagen injectables also fill tissue under sunken cheeks, skin depression and some types of scar. Is it not wonderful to look youthful and plump cheeked again? You may need to know that medical experts say that for severe wrinkles such as lipstick lines that form around the mouth and of course, for those who really are older, filler injectables might not be enough. For this case, your plastic surgeon or dermatologist may need to recommend that you under go skin resurfacing procedure if you want to get rid of this severe wrinkles. However, if your problem is just fine lines and sunken checks, filler injectable treatment might be enough for your need. Take advantage of collagen treatment because it heals faster than any other procedure. Whether your problem needs filler injectables or skin resurfacing such as chemical peel or skin dermabrasion, your plastic surgeon may be the best person to give you the recommendation. If finally your plastic surgeon recommends collagen treatment, then he will check you for allergic reaction on the collagen substance. This is because allergic reaction to the collagen substance is the common problem of patients who wants to undergo skin repair using filler injectables. If your surgeon will find you allergic to the collagen injectable, he may opt to recommend fat injectable instead. Fat injectable is not prone to allergy because the fat will come from your own body. However, in most cases in a fat injection procedure, healing is slower than that of collagen injectable. Finally, you may need to know that filler injectables do not last for very long time. In most cases, the good effect of filler injectable only lasts for three to six month. In rare cases and good post-operative care, the good effect might last for a year. You may need to ask your doctor for the best care to extend the good effect of collagen treatment if you want that youthful and plump face without the dreaded wrinkles. James Monahan is the owner and Senior Editor of and writes expert
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Will It Work? Weight Loss Products

By Robert Maguire "Amanda lost sixty pounds in just two months!" "Gerald shaved thirteen inches in three weeks!" "Get the body you've been dreaming of by calling this toll free number!" Who hasn't been bombarded with advertisements such as these? With incredible results, it is actually quite tempting to order some of these magic formulas from the operators standing by, just waiting for your call. But do these things actually work? Why aren't any of them evaluated or approved by the FDA? And why are all of these miracles sold exclusively on TV, and not in stores? Let's face it, weight loss products such as those touted on late night television and in the back of fashion magazines usually come qualified with an attached statement to the effect of "these results are not normal." And why are these results so far from the norm? Because these weight loss products are not magic pills or drinks; they are intended for use as supplements to a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise. So if your plan to lose the extra bulk by popping fat-capturing tablets every two hours is on the road to nowhere, think about the other changes you have or have not made to your lifestyle. This should be fairly obvious to anyone with common sense. If there were really a concoction that would melt off the fat, wouldn't everyone be thin? Everyone is not thin, so therefore there must be more to these weight loss products' success than just remembering to take them. Supplements that can be taken are intended to do just what their name implies - supplement and reinforce the other efforts you are undertaking. Certainly, there are products that will allow you to drop some weight fairly quickly, but they will have to be incorporated as a mainstay of your diet or else you will simply regain what you've lost once you stop taking them. Deciding to change the look and performance of your body through weight reduction is a commendable act. But do not rely solely on weight loss products for the changes to manifest. There must be some personal responsibility and resolve to truly make a difference. The people pictured in those advertisements? You can be certain they have made other changes to their lives beyond the addition of that particular weight loss product. So develop a balanced menu from which to choose your snacks and meals, set up an exercise regime, and add weight loss products to the mix, and you too may end up as one of the astonishing weight loss stories. ======================================= Robert Maguire lives in Dracut, Massachusetts with his wonderful wife Donna. Learn more about weight loss at Article Source: payday loan company
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