Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nokia N80 - Just Another N-Series Phone - Or Is It?

By []Keith Rickwood One of the most anticipated and over-hyped phone, Nokia N80 falls quite short of expectations for many. Theoretically, the phone's anatomy has been engineered to almost perfection, but when it's handed over to its users, this phone won't really be classified as 'the prized possession'. That is, if the user is not a typical user. Nokia N80 has an innovative exterior, with a classy slide-up design. This makes the smartphone compact and attractive. But despite this effort, Nokia N80 fails to compete with 'the lords in the game' Samsung. The slide-up mechanism of Nokia N80 is not as smooth and good as that of Samsung. Also, the slide opens by itself many a times, which might lead into automatic dialling. The only resort thus, becomes the manual keypad lock. One of the lightest smartphones available - weighs around 134g - Nokia N80 has successfully carved a niche in the genre of light smartphones. Being a 3G smartphone, it takes good care of personal and business requirements. The phone offers a wide array of multiple softwares, excellent functionality and good connectivity. It also has a wireless LAN, enabling fast connection to a PC, broadband internet and other Wi-Fi devices. But the blot here is its slow pace, both in boot up and in operation. It has a superior LCD display and video quality. But despite having a 3 Megapixels camera, it cannot compete with Nokia N90 and Sony Ericsson W900i (both having 2 Megapixels camera). And if music runs through your blood, this phone is a celebration for you. It comes with an advance music player, great audio quality, stereo handset and a great storage capacity. Concept wise Nokia N80 is par excellence and we just hope that the firmware upgrades will make it more reliable and user-friendly. [ target=_blank]Mobile Phone Deals [ ]Nokia N80 Article Source: valium order online codeine
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