Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Commense GED

By Will Twiner In todays work environment employers standards are rising and rising. The need for education thus increases to meet the demands of current employers. The first step is getting a high school diploma. For those who have not finished high school. A test, called The General Education Degree is also an option. The GED is a standardized test that tests basic skills that one should have learned in High School. In preparation for testing, it is imperative to study. If no preparation is taken, and failure does result, this can bring the confidence level down for you and thus add to more discouragement. To prevent this, it is always important to be as prepared for the standardized test as possible. In searching forums for related GED information, the basic recommendation is to prepare as much as possible and be aware of what type of test that you are taking. Standardized test can be very predictable and some organizations, such as Kaplan, can help with the different areas of math and english that the GED covers. The second most prevalent piece of advice is not to rush. Taking these tests can be nerve racking at first, but once you settle in, peace will come. Test anxiety can greatly diminish performance and cloud the mind. This is not good. It is always pertinent to stay calm and relaxed so your mind is clear during test taking. Another key, is practice. Practice, practice, practice. Athletes do not just run into a game
expecting to be at their best performance. No, they discipline themselves and make their bodies practice, even when their mind is telling them to quit. The GED standardize test is not a test to just take. The author cannot emphasize enough that preparation must be made. Study, you will be glad you did! Author Note:
Taking the GED can be very rewarding. When searching forums, I also saw a post of a gentleman that now earns $6 an hour more because of his success in the GED. William authors a website, http://ged.e-moma.org
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