Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Gain Increased Sales By Telling True Stories

By Carol Bentley Everyone loves a story. Listen to any conversation especially in social situations and at some point someone will tell a story. About something theyve experienced, read about, heard or saw. Thats why newspapers sell; magazines sell; people watch TV programmes and newscasts; read books; listen to the radio. The human interest captures our attention, our imagination and our curiosity to know how things turned out. YOU CAN USE THIS HUMAN TRAIT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE IN YOUR SALES LETTERS. When you tell a story or explain a case study your reader wants to know how it turns out; what was the result; how does it apply to them; how can they use any lesson learnt in their situation? Tell a story about someone who had a problem your reader can identify with. Describe how your product or service resolved that problem and youve hooked your reader into your letter and your offer. HERES THE TRICK Of course, as youd expect theres a technique to how to use this to the best effect in your letter. The trick is not to tell the WHOLE story at once. Use it as a sandwich. Start your story, describe the real pain, frustration and aggravation your client or customer was having. Remember; keep your writing style conversational as if youre telling a group of friends over a drink in the local pub. Hint that theres a solution which youll explain in a minute. Then tell them about something else. It could even be another story or case history, or about some of the benefits your offer gives them. IT REALLY WORKS This technique was used in a very successful mailing campaign youll be astounded at the results it brought in. The letter started off by telling the reader about a very scary court judgement made against someone in the same profession as them. A jail sentence was awarded as the penalty for a very obscure oversight something they could so easily miss themselves. The offer being made in the letter was to attend a seminar that made sure they were up to date on all the legal aspects of their business so they wouldnt fall into traps like this. It went on to describe the contents of the seminar and how it was relevant to them at this point THEY STILL HADNT BEEN TOLD WHAT THE MISTAKE WAS the reader was being kept in suspense so they stayed on for the ride. They NEEDED to know what that error was so they could avoid it. The letter went on to explain all the other pitfalls and stumbling blocks they could come up against if they didnt attend the course being offered. After explaining all the pain they could avoid and the benefits they would accrue from the seminar the reader was finally let into the secret and the letter told them the amazingly silly mistake that had resulted in such a dire penalty. All the information we wanted the reader to know about the seminar offer was effectively sandwiched inside the story; a story about something that could so easily happen to them. And thats what you do; finish off the story later in your letter. When you use this technique, provided your story is interesting AND relevant to the reader, you entice them to continue reading your letter. Compel them to finish reading all of it because they just HAVE to KNOW what happened. VARIATIONS In some instances you could leave your reader dangling they have to respond to your offer to find out the ending, what the punch line is. You build the final part of your story into the action you want your reader to take. This is why it is so vital for you to collect testimonials and stories from your satisfied, happy and especially delighted clients. Their experiences and your solutions bring your letter to life. IMPRESSIVE RESULTS The result of the campaign this technique was used in? A MASSIVE 262% increase in response resulting in over 24,101 worth of business (with an average sale amount of just 59), and 29 new clients, who purchased considerably more afterwards. (Did you notice I used this sandwich technique in this article?) © 2004 Carol A E Bentley Extracted from the book 'I Want to Buy Your Product... Have You Sent Me a Letter Yet' (How to create powerful sales letters, advertisements, flyers, brochures, web pages and newsletters that persuade hundreds, or even thousands, of additional customers and clients to buy from you!) by Carol A E Bentley (Rated 5-star on Subscribe to your free reports, with no obligation, at or visit Article Source: buy ultram online dream pharmaceutical
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