Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How To Make Her Melt With Your Kiss

By Kelly Jones Kissing is like an art form, expressed passionately, with a style and technique unique to each individual. A kiss can be friendly and used as a greeting, or it can be a passionate, sensual and quite personal experience. So how then can you convey how you feel to your lover which no words could say? With a kiss of course! One of the secrets of being a great kisser is keeping things simple and easy. Before you go in for the smooch, make sure she is ready for it and wants you to kiss her. Go slow, and she will think you are the sexiest kisser she has ever had, go too fast and she will think all you care about is getting to the "good stuff". Forget about trying to impress her with your abilities, and instead, pull yourself into the moment of the kiss, and let it wash over the two of you in waves of emotion. Begin by slowly moving in like you are going to kiss her, but then pull back slightly and smile at her. This will intrigue her. Move in again, but this time touch your nose to her neck and say how wonderful she smells. Then move your head back up and make eye contact. Look into her eyes for a few seconds, and then close your eyes and move in for the kiss. Start with some short, soft, sensual kisses, and then move to deeper, longer kisses, and then back to short ones. Gently suck on her lower lip, then her upper lip, alternating between the two a few times. Slowly move your kisses to her cheeks, and then down to her chin. Softly kiss her neck, nibble it ever so slightly, and then breathe heavily on her neck. Move up to her ear, and lightly breathe into it, then nibble on her earlobe. This should send her over the edge and make her melt in your arms. Use your hands while you kiss her. Gently and slowly glide your hands around her ears, down behind her neck; lightly caress her shoulders and down her back, then slowly up again. Put your hands around her waist, or maybe let them softly embrace her face. Allow your hands to put her in a comfortable and relaxed frame of mind and she will respond to your gentleness. If this is the first kiss between you, keep things from progressing past the kissing stage this time. She will appreciate the fact that you wanted to express your feelings to her through your kiss, without expecting it to go any further. She will definitely want to see you again, I know I would! Now get out there and find a fabulous woman to kiss. - Kelly Kelly Jones, better known as blushgirl has been in the online dating scene since 1996. Her experience in the field helps her answer questions on romance and relationships for her site visitors, and allows her to meticulously review dating and matchmaking sites. If you would like to reach Kelly, please visit her at: Article Source: payday loans in minutes
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