Sunday, May 4, 2008

How To Lose Weight? - Eat Fruit

By Frederik Deglande Personally I love fruit you have them in all kind of variations and tastes. You can eat them whenever you want or make a salad from it.
Fruit is also very good for your health it contains a lot of vitamins and it even can help you to lose weight. Fruit contains a lot of water and water is a very important key element in your battle against weight loss. Of course you need to know which kind of fruit you should eat and that is where my article comes in. I give 5 types of fruit you should eat if you are serious about losing weight. And always eat fruit at an empty stomach
And remember even if you arent over weighted fruit wont hurt your body. Benefits of fruit - Fruit contains energy
- Fruit reduces the risk of developing cancer
- Get a lower blood pressure with eating fruit
- Potential to lower cholesterol. Studies have shown that it is important to eat five pieces of fruit every day.
With so many variations this cant be a problem you can eat them in a yoghurt or
fruit salad as well or as a juice. Fruits to prevent being overweight Apples: With more then 7000 sorts of apples it cant be a problem to find the apple you like.
According to a Brazilian study apples will help you to lose weight. Three hundred women were tested and those who were eating three apples a day lose more weight than those who didnt add apples to their diet. Apricots: Apricots found their origin in China. They have a yellow or orange colour and a lot of people are confusing it with peaches or nectarines. Apricots are an excellent health and beauty product. If you eat them you will have a lower blood pressure level. Raisins: From Turkey to Australia you can find raisins in fact they are nothing more than dried grapes. A raisin contains vitamin a and a little bit b and they are rich in fiber.
However be aware that raisins contain a lot of calories. When it comes to calories one raisin is equal to 8 fresh grapes. Mangoes: Mangos are mainly grown in Asia but also in Mexico and in Nigeria. But caution a mango contains urushiol and this can causes skin irritation. Oranges: Most people who I know that are dieting are eating oranges or mandarins.
Oranges contain a lot of water and Vitamin c. One orange contains 12,5% of the daily need off fibers. After reading this I hope you go to the kitchen or wherever you put your fruit and take one piece and Im sure you will enjoy it. There are also a lot of cookies, pies and cakes that contains fruit but do not eat them to much. Grab a free report from a professional bodybuilder and fitness instructor.
In this report he reveals 12 weight-loss myths.
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