Friday, March 7, 2008

Low Medical Costs - Why People Are Looking At India and Saving Up To 90 Percent

By [] Sacha Tarkovsky India offers you the opportunity to receive world class healthcare and low medical costs in comparison with those in the US and Europe, get a free holiday into the bargin and still have money left over! Sounds good? Then read on If you want major heart surgery or to get the look of your dreams via cosmetic surgery, or a smile to get you noticed, then India can provide low medical costs and worldclass treatments The growth of medical tourism This form of treatment where patients seek care outside of their country of residence is reffered to as medical tourism and is now a multi billion pound industry and growing fast. Lower medical costs by up to 90%! Medical tourism is defined as provision of 'cost effective' private medical care in collaboration with the tourism industry for patients needing treatments, where lower medical costs made on treatments fund the cost of a relaxing vacation and in many instances still leave money left over! Medical tourism has become a growth industry and covers a broad spectrum of medical services. It mixes leisure, fun and relaxation and recuperation with wellness and healthcare. All healthcare India covers all medical treatments at lower cost. Many tourists from the developed world go to India for rejuvenation via yoga and other alternative health treatments, but few people consider it a destination for hip replacement, cosmetic or heart bypass surgery. World class treatment, lower medical costs and the holiday of a lifetime A combination of world-class medical centres unrivalled expertise at low prices is helping a growing number of Indian corporate hospitals tempt foreign patients 500,000 alone in 2005 and this number is growing rapidly! India is now seen as the major destination for medical tourists seeking lower medical costs and provides an unbeatable combination of world class facilites, world renowned medical expertise and a beautiful country to explore. Sample lower medical costs Check out the savings below and you can see why more people than ever are taking advantage of lower medical costs in India. Treatment US Cost Treatment India Heart Surgery $30,000 $6,000 Liver Transplant $300,000 $69,000 Orthopedic Surgery $20,000 $6,000 Smile designing $8,000 $1,000 Now the good bit! Medical tourism offers huge savings and these can provide a holiday for free. If you have never considered cosmetic surgery in association with seeing elephants and the Taj Mahal then you can now! India offers something for everyone and is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries on earth. Think about the above: You get the treatment you need, take advantage of world class facilities and get a holiday free and maybe have some cash left over. If it sounds good it is! Medical tourism is here to stay and India is now the worlds major medical tourism destination for lower medical costs and a whole lot more! For more on lower medical costs Including free brochure articles and no ocst or obligation quotes on medical tourism packages please conact us: [] Article Source: [ ] [ ] ambien sleeping pill effects
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