Sunday, March 23, 2008

Green Tea, Weight Loss & Enviga

By Mike Linder By releasing the new Green Tea based product Enviga, my opinion is that Coca Cola and Nestle are liable to more harm than good in the cause of promoting Green Tea. They appear to be telling us all that by drinking a couple of cans a day (at $1.30 -$1.50 a time) we will benefit from Green Teas weight loss properties and the outcome will be slimmer, healthier person on the other side. The makers claim their drink has negative calories and this counterbalances the other calories you put in your body with your natural food intake. Well, the Centre for Science in the Public Interest is reported to have filed a false advertising suit against the two companies saying their claims are wrong. Am I personally surprised? NO! None of these companies realise that Green Tea is not now, and never has been, a quick fix for any of lifes ailments. Drinking Green Tea is a way of life. Its properties are indisputable. Its regeneration powers have been proven over thousands of years and if you drink regularly and over a consistently long period then many things which ail you will at least be helped or maybe prevented all together. Already newspapers, in the hunt for headlines, are coming out against Green tea. I recently read on headline which said Want to lose weight? Green Tea wont do it This headline was meant as a specific strike against the product Enviga but all people will remember in a couple of months is the bad publicity and they will associate it with all Green Tea products. The hijacking of Green Tea by major corporations as a quick fix was predictable considering the amount of good publicity Green Tea has had in the last few years, but my sincere hope is that in the chase for their profits they do not soil the good name of Green Tea, so that many future potential users do not come on board and start drinking this wonderful brew. It will be down to current users of Green Tea to keep using and promoting the benefits of Green Tea by word of mouth and keep the forward momentum of the use of Green Tea going strong. Mike Linder is the author of The Complete Guide to Green Tea which can be found @ and also edits a Blog about Green Tea which can be found at Article Source:,-Weight-Loss-and-Enviga&id=501720 ativan versus xanax
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