Friday, April 11, 2008

Dating Advice for Women: Put on a Skirt and Start to Flirt

By Ronnie Ann Ryan Increase Feminine Charm
Ellie wanted to step up her feminine charm to become more approachable for the men she might meet during the work day. She spent time thinking about the way she dressed for work. Usually she wore jeans for two reasons: 1) comfort of course and 2) because she often moved a lot of boxes and equipment around during the day. Become More Conscious of Your Presentation
Recently, Ellie had become more and more conscious of how she presented herself to the world and decided it was time for a change. She started to wear the great skirts she had purchased, yet never even bothered to take the tags off! She also bought a few new tops with v necklines, rather than close-cropped round necks she originally felt were more business appropriate. This softer approach to her wardrobe was a big departure from her usual habits. New Wardrobe Warms Up Attitude
The big surprise? Ellie discovered that always wearing her jeans actually contributed to her feeling isolated and focused solely on work. On the other hand, donning her new skirts helped our heroine be far more open to interacting with people! She found herself having more eye contact and smiling, even when getting a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts. And, Ellie became aware that men were suddenly noticing her. You Can Be Social, Smile and Flirt any Time!
Through this simple experiment, Ellie realized that her work day can have a much wider scope than just getting projects done. Opportunities to be social, smile and flirt can pop up at any moment and add to the joy of her daily life. Congratulations Ellie on rediscovering the power and delicious fun of your feminine charm. To learn more about heightening your feminine charm and highly effective, proven techniques to find love, visit Subscribe to the f*r*e*e bi-weekly newsletter Kiss & Telland check out the book MANifesting Mr. Right: Its Never Too Late to Find the Love You Want by Dating Coach and expert Ronnie Ann Ryan. Article Source: cheap phentermine online pharmacy
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