Saturday, December 22, 2007

Word of Mouth Marketing

By Rita Lambros-Segur, M.H. Word of mouth marketing, as we know, is the best marketing tool. Moreover, the word of mouth has its benefits. Word of mouth marketing is cost-efficient, convenient, prolific and effective. The art of successful and effective word of mouth marketing lies in the utilization of our resources in the best possible way to generate optimum result. One such resource is the database of your key clients. Key clients are those who contribute largely to your revenues. This is the segment of your customers that actually keeps you in business. You need to use the word of mouth method through these key clients to gain the desired boost for your marketing and sales efforts. Tips To Get Favorable Word Of Mouth From The High-Value Customers Following tips can catalyze your sales when your resources are your key customers: Interaction: Interact regularly with your high-end clients so that you are always in their mind. That way they will remember you and will talk about you in a positive way. Motivation: Graduate your relationship to a level where your clients invite you to participate in their business events and functions. The result, you will be talked about in their circle and will also get a chance to network further with their friends and acquaintances, your prospective clients. Referral: If you have good terms with your key clients, they refer prospective clients to you. You may then approach these prospective clients using your clients reference. Offers: Extend some exclusive value-added offers to your key clients. This will make them feel special and may delight them. In house vigil: Distribute your key clients list to your main employees so that they take care of these clients across the board. None of your employees should make mistakes when dealing with these clients. Reference: You take the initiative of referring your key clients to each others business. Of course, they should give your reference when dealing with each other. Newsletter: Mention about your key clients, dealing in your type of or related business, in your newsletter. Free advertising will certainly exceed their expectations from you. Events: Organize events where all your clients meet and on the same platform discuss issues that concern them commonly. Greetings: Greet your customers with cards on their special days such as, their anniversaries, some cause worth celebrating, birthdays, achievements and awards, to name some. Do ensure that their family members are not left out. Feedback: Gather feedback from your key clients and incorporate their suggestions. Let them know that you have implemented their suggestions. Your key clients drive your business. Their word of mouth publicity will accelerate your business growth. Gain the maximum benefit by delighting these high-value customers and stay tuned in your business! More marketing, computer and general subject articles here: Computer Articles and Interesting Articles. Writers and publishers welcomed. Article Source:,_M.H. online order ultram
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